DISC Training

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Bring DISC to your organization!  

What you get:

  • Over $500 worth of training and resource material including books, assessments, and DVD
  • Comprehensive Consultants Manual - how to use, instruct, facilitate groups, and consult within the field of human behavior

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Leadership (Self) Development


Self-motivated? Looking for something more to be a better leader and team member?  We use DISC to help unlock your learning, leading, and interaction styles; which will bring better understanding of yourself and others.

  • Personality Dynamics
  • Relationships@Work
  • Team@Work
  • Leadership 1,2,3 Series
  • Conflict Resolutions@Work
  • Discipline @ Work
  • Presenting with Style
  • The Secret Keys to Your Success
  • Time Tips

Upcoming Events

Self, Family, Life


Want to learn about ways to better communicate, understand, and live with those who matter most?  DISC helps us to unlock many of those doors to better relationships.

  • Personality Styles
  • Get Real - kids and teens
  • The Levels of Listening
  • Discover Your Marriage
  • Conflict Management





Business Management

Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management captures and shares your processes, best practices, and lessons learned to optimize your organization's performance.   Through our knowledge mapping process, you will experience improved workflows, saved man hours, and access to information you didn't even know you had!

Human Capital Management


Why leave the most important part of your operation to chance?  To go where you're going, you need to know your workforce's capabilities and potentials.  We will assist you in workforce planning, on boarding, training gaps, utilization, and job progression.  

Organizational Assessments


A sudden change in morale?  Not sure what is going on in a department?  Employees complaining?  Managers not leading?  Policies not being followed?  An organizational assessment gives you a 360 degree look at what is going right and what is not going right.  We'll help you make the right adjustments to save your company time, money, effort, and drama.

Leadership and Mentorship Training


Our leadership and mentorship training is designed to put your junior and mid-level leaders on the same path.  By using the DISC personality indicators, your leaders will learn how to get the most of their workforce and themselves.  With more than 30 years of leadership experience, we can apply the right answers to all of the questions!

Risk Management


Where is your company headed?  What are the risks?  There is no way to achieve success by avoiding risk, but if risk can be identified, it can be mitigated and managed.  We will help your team avoid those very costly words...."if we had only known!"

Solutions and Facilitation


Not sure how or why your operation seems to be disintegrating?  Can't find the right mix of people? Problem employees?  Problem managers?  Problem policies?  We can quickly assess the situation, conduct a root cause analysis, and bring your workable solutions.  As certified advanced behavioral studies (DISC) consultants we bring better understanding of how to build the best teams, reduce stress, and enhance productivity.

Healthcare, Emergency Management, and Security Training

Joint Commission Readiness


 Do you need to be certified by The Joint Commission?  Whether you are a hospital or a healthcare staffing service, we will guide you through the process with:

  • Pre-assessments
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Emergency Management and OSHA compliance
  • Personnel file managmeent
  • Staff training and preparation to confidently answer all of The Joint Commission's questions

Emergency Management Planning and Training


Let us help you test your plan before you test your people.  Our years of experience and training from both military and FEMA give us the edge and innovation to provide Emergency Management Planning and Training that is proven and cost effective.  By facilitating concentric training and planning, your team will be able to better react, adapt, and perfect every emergency response.  No matter your organization (hospital, school, or first responder) we will provide you with a comprehensive approach through preparation, response, immediate actions and post-response.

Security Training


We provide training and operational readiness exercises to your security teams, leadership, and employees.   Our proven training, tools, and methodologies will ensure that your responses are right, measured, and impactful.  By using the Lasershot marksmanship and reaction drills, we can improve your team's confidence in their ability to protect your employees.




Schools, Ministries, and Non-Profits

Safety and Security


Did you know that there are more violent acts on church property than in public schools?  Do you know what to do in case of an emergency?  Do your leaders know?  Our military, first responders, and law enforcement trained experts will help your ministry or non-profit to understand your risks  and how to reduce or react to any threat.  

Conflict Management


Having trouble understanding your people?  Experiencing something or someone that is causing conflict?  Toxic leadership or toxic followership?  Our certified behavioral consultants are experienced in providing a root cause analysis, identifying the solutions, and providing the fix.  We'll help you get your organization back on track!

Tax Assistance


Let our tax preparers help your 501(c)(3) church or non-profit with federal tax requirements (990s, 1099s, and 941s).  We also provide training and tools for your staff to be self-sufficient and keep these federal requirements current. 

Regulatory Compliance


We help ministries, schools, healthcare organizations, and non-profits gain their federal, state, and other regulatory compliance requirements.

Strategies, Governance, and Bylaws


Are your strategies, governance or bylaws too restrictive or outdated?  Are you even following them?  Let us help you!  The right governance helps you build your strategy and keep your organization focused on the right things and in the right ways.  

Talent Managment


Many organizations have great people....just not in the right positions.  Even one or two folks who are malaligned can create organizational friction.  We identify talent, needs, and resources in your personnel and personalities.