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Certified Knowledge Manager Training

 Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Workshop and E-Learning Program Overview and Module Outline .  This 5 day training is essential for the Knowledge Manager!

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What is the CKM?

The CKM program is KM Institute's flagship course, delivered in up to 15 countries yearly, with many thousands Certified since 2001. The CKM designation has become the global benchmark for both quality learning and competency in the Knowledge Management field.  

Who Should Attend?

 The CKM is ideal for anyone tasked to lead or improve a KM initiative - anyone interested in gaining a solid grasp of common KM principles at an advanced level with actual "hands-on" experience performing KM.  


 There are no prerequisites, and no technical background is required. CKM Graduates range from newcomers to seasoned KM managers and practitioners, content managers, project managers, IT as well HR professionals. We serve individuals and teams from public, private, and military sectors, non-profits and NGO’s.  

Why Become a CKM?

Regardless of your organization's size, structure or purpose, we provide you with the knowledge and skills to lead successful, real world KM initiatives. And, whether you are new or advanced, anyone can start! 

• Perform KM using proven tips/tools anyone can use! 

• Build Collaborative Environments; better communication, spark innovation 

• Transform your organization into a rapid-learning environment 

• Develop innovative ways to motivate your staff with quick wins 

• Create the KM Vision for your company, including a solid strategy to get there 

• Initiate with your peers successful Communities of Practice 

• Discover usable, real-world KM principles and keys to success 

How to Complete Your Certification

 STEP 1:  Contact us to register for a CKM Workshop or register at  be sure to mention Stone Oak Solutions.

STEP 2: Pre-Class E-learning – Up to 15 Learning Modules Approximately 10 hours of self-paced study is required prior to joining the class, accessible at the KM Institute LMS. See outline of Theme One below for module descriptions. Learners are enrolled in the LMS approximately 30 days prior to class. Early access available upon request to registered students. 

STEP 3: Attend the CKM Workshop The face-to-face workshop includes expert instructor lecture, classroom discussion, and interactive group exercises designed to engage participants in real-life scenarios and applications to your personal and organizational challenges. 

STEP 4: Study additional Online Learning Modules to prepare for CKM assessment* The complete “eCKM” – e-learning version of the CKM course – is provided via our LMS, so that you may review self-study modules, and prepare for the CKM exam. 

STEP 5: Certification The CKM exam is the final step in obtaining your CKM credential. It tests your ability to apply best practices using your understanding of the concepts presented and discussed in class and via your online learning modules. As soon as the workshop concludes, each participant will gain access to the post-class certification exam via the online LMS. The exam is timed, one-hour, and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. If you don’t pass the first time, you will be able to retake the exam until a passing score of 70% is achieved. There is no extra fee for the exam; it is included in the cost of your certification course. 


training dates

 Washington DC, April 20-24 

 Bangalore, India, May 12-14 

 Dubai, UAE, May 31-June 4

If you would like training at your location,

please let us know!

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