About Us

Stone Oak Solutions, LLC


We are here to help you achieve your strategic goals.  We believe that the majority of companies want , they just need some help putting it all together.  Whether it is building your teams, sharing knowledge, emergency management, or compliance management, Stone Oak Solutions has the experience and dedication to help you achieve the best and expect the best.       

Contact us at:  Chip.Pierce@stoneoaksolutions.com

What We've Learned


  • That success is possible when planned
  • Your people are the answer, but leaders don't always take time to ask the question
  • Having employees with the right talent in the right positions is the key
  • Valuing your workforce will do more for your success than anything else
  • Being successful in stressful times is a result of being trained, ready, and flexible

What We Bring


Stone Oak Solutions brings a great wealth of talent and training from the government and private sectors.  We tap into our network of subject matter experts to help bring the right solution to your organization.   




As President and CEO, Chip brings more than 30 years of military experience as a senior leader, manager, planner, and trainer.  He specializes in: Knowledge Management, Human Capital Management, Talent Management, Facilitation, and Risk & Emergency Management.  Chip's experiences have been in fast paced organizations that often find themselves in volatile situations, and without firm direction.  To these environments, he brings organization, priorities, focus, efficiencies, and common sense solutions.  Chip has a Master's Degree in Human Resources Development and has built a reputation as a futurist, organizer, and problem solver.